The simple, modern way to effectively link your company to important partners, field offices and associates around the world.

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Why It's Important

Save Big Money

Eliminate expensive, unnecessary printing and mailing costs by providing customers, vendors and partners with digital access to content.

Get Work Done Faster

Find a line in a report that needs to be discussed, resolved or acted on with someone else? Send a message or task in ActionBox and keep it in context .

Stay Secure & Compliant

Can you prove you addressed and resolved important issues? ActionBox manages sensitive content and prevents paper and email from disrupting your audit trail.


You Have Control

No one wants important documents lost in physical delivery. ActionBox’s digital delivery system ensures your documents stay under your control. 

Don't Miss a Thing

We all forget to mark important messages as unread. ActionBox automatically reminds you to follow up later.

Stay Updated

You need to know when your important documents are ready for action, so use ActionBox to customize your automated notifications.

"I have talked with many customers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year printing and mailing their documents. There is a better way! ActionBox will not only save you money, it also provides the modest workflow you need surrounding the content you and your customers use to do business. Plus, all your customer communication surrounding the document is logged, archived and available for audit!"

Chris Zaugg - ActionBox


Distribution Tools

Digitally Distribute

Give your employees, customers, vendors and partners access to content the moment it’s available with online document sharing.

Granular Security

Apply security at the page level to ensure users only access the pages they need to see.

Tracked Access

No more hearing “I didn’t get the report.” Track who viewed content and when.


No need to allocate hardware to another application. We remove the hassle and host ActionBox for you.

Share Content of All Types

ActionBox can handle the distribution of all kinds of documents – PDF,  text, Excel name it!


Secured with 256-bit encryption to protect your content and the messages being exchanged.

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Our company has more than 30 years of experience working with customers in report and document management. ActionBox was developed based on hundreds of interviews with customers describing both their needs and the costs associated with their problem. We believe ActionBox addresses those concerns efficiently and elegantly.  We hope you enjoy it!